A Clean Sweep


See, I was naive and thought the most bizarre thing I would see at work this week would be the 2 lb box of spinach that someone munched their way through that I found yesterday.  But then tonight I got to walk into a theater just as an older gentleman a) finished helping the woman next to him to her feet and b) working to button his pants and fasten his belt as he apparently was just putting his pants back on.




Jun 3

exchange I had today
"sir when is the next show of men in black?"
"and what time is it now?’
"it is 5:33, sir"
"damn, so I missed it?"

Yes, because it is possible to be IN the theater, and still miss a show that hasn’t happened yet or something?  Maybe this has something to do with the time-travel plot of MiB 3. 

Jun 1

I feel like I should post more, but I really don’t know what to do post about.  Any suggestions?

What will happen the next time Someone Asks Me for a pass to see Battleship.


The upcoming disasterpiece G.I. Joe: Retaliation has been bumped at pretty much the last minute to March of 2013.  The official reason presented was to create a 3D version because of how much audiences love 3D movies (they don’t, for the most part).  Much more likely is with Battleship sinking, Hasbro needed the movie moved so that two movies based on Hasbro products did not tank in the same summer.  With G.I. Joe previously scheduled to come out just five days before The Amazing Spider-Man, it had to take its opening and retreat while it still could.

A vs B

Movie “A” made 50 million dollars last weekend.

Movie “B” made 17 million last weekend, and has only totaled 24 million in its time released.

Naturally, we have the same number of shows for both this week.


When you finish a Battleship at The Black Sheep


Coincidentally, this is also Peter Berg after the final footage of Battleship was filmed.


Is every Robert Downey Jr movie from now on going to squeeze in a different Schubert piece now? Because that would be awesome.

HA. The building blocks of breaking down.

HA. The building blocks of breaking down.

I could eat like 6 of these right now.  Or, you know, anytime ever.

I could eat like 6 of these right now.  Or, you know, anytime ever.

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